About Us

After listening to customers saying for so long that they wished there was an easy way to find professional tradespeople when viewing adverts, we decided to take action. We are Licensed NZ. We have created this community to help give you, the public, confidence in the tradespeople you choose to use. We also wanted to make the decision to use professional, licensed, trustworthy and legitimate tradespeople an easy one to make. We have designed our system to make it easy for Trade Associations and their members, suppliers & manufacturers to market their services effectively to the public, while being easy to manage as well. We do not claim to be a Licensing body. Instead, we are the one central search engine and community of trusted associations around New Zealanders, where kiwis can easily find and contact the relevant Associations and their members for any project. We are NOT a review site. All members of Licensed NZ are experienced professionals, and belong to industry Associations that have screened them before acceptance. We want to see kiwis getting in touch with trusted and professional tradespeople to get the job done right! We hope you will find this website informative, educational and useful.

If you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

Please email us at support@licensed.nz